Essential Lawn Maintenance

Collaborating with a friend's local lawncare startup, we embarked on an exciting journey to revitalize their brand identity. Through careful analysis and creative brainstorming sessions, we developed a fresh new look for Essential Lawn Maintenance. From crafting a modern logo and refreshing the color palette to designing eye-catching marketing materials, our rebranding efforts breathed new life into the company's image.

Build Unique Podcast

In the realm of podcasting, I had the privilege to create and bring to life the 'Build Unique Podcast.' From inception to execution, I meticulously recorded, edited, and distributed each episode, aiming to deliver an exceptional listening experience. By combining engaging conversations, seamless editing techniques, and strategic distribution channels, the 'Build Unique Podcast' garnered a devoted audience and left an indelible mark in the podcasting landscape.

Flicko's Video Services

Within the first 30 days of partnering with Flickos Video Services, I implemented a dynamic Facebook marketing campaign that yielded remarkable results. By harnessing the power of targeted ads, compelling content, and strategic audience engagement, Flickos experienced an astounding 600 percent increase in impressions and a remarkable 180 percent surge in page visits. Through innovative digital strategies, Flickos Video Services achieved unprecedented visibility and engagement, solidifying their position as a market leader in the video services industry.

Mike Does Youtube Channel

Collaborating with Mike Hicks, I have the privilege of managing the production, editing, and distribution of captivating content for the “Mike Does” YouTube channel. Through meticulous editing and strategic distribution strategies, we ensure that each video stands out and reaches a wider audience, maximizing engagement and viewership. 

Bekah Dawn Photography

Collaborating closely with Bekah Dawn Photography, I had the pleasure of designing a captivating logo and stunning business cards that embody the essence of her unique photography style. By combining artistic elements, color palettes, and typography, we created a brand identity that perfectly reflects Bekah’s passion for capturing unforgettable moments.